Quick Tip about Speech Teach 365 Preposition Kit

By dinamk on April 19, 2015 in Informative Blogs with No Comments

Quick Tip about Speech Teach 365 Preposition Kit

Today, I’m sharing a quick tip about my preposition kit that is a work in progress. I have several students working on prepositions, along with many other skills. I have found that a lot of my students have difficulty when looking at pictures of prepositions when initially learning these skills, so I set out to find a different way to teach them. I have a plastic bin that I’m continually throwing random things into. Those triangles are packing material that came in a package that I got. The other items are things I’ve collected. I also have a plastic mailbox and some buckets.

speech teach 365 box

This way, we can pull out items and really get into prepositions by actually putting items under, on, between, over, etc. So far, it’s been working really great!

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